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An unstoppable fitness revolution like no other is taking over Sydney!

Our mission?

To make Australia fit, happy and healthy while reducing disease and sedentary related disorders!

At Samurai Fitness, we incorporate holistic principals, martial arts and traditional functional movements to build up your body and mind. This unique approach is the first of its kind providing unbelievable results while you have the maximum amount of fun! You may even forget that you are exercising!


Our programs are designed to make you fit fast, increase strength and give you the ability to move your body effectively in ways you previously thought unachievable, free up your flexibility, improve your hand eye coordination and cognitive capability keeping you sharp in all aspects of life and our nutritional advice will assist in reducing body fat effectively all while you are having fun along like minded people.

The workouts are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness – our trainers will adjust the complexity and intensity of exercises to meet your needs, starting you off gently or pushing you to your limits! It’s all about reaching YOUR full potential.


Our Head Trainer Ralf Behn, is an intentional motivational health, fitness & lifestyle speaker. He is one of Australia’s leading health, nutrition & fitness experts, adviser to celebrities, personal trainer, bootcamp instructor, MMA fighter, Kickboxer, Jiu-Jitsu fighter and bestselling author.

He has successfully competed in several martial arts, is a Karate & Kickboxing Black Belt , Wrestling State Junior Champion and is still an active competing Kickboxer, Jiu-Jitsu Fighter and  MMA Fighter.

Also the founder and  CEO of the Australian Institute of Health & Nutrition, you will find he has a wealth of information on any related topic. He has extensive experience working with all types of audiences from athletes to CEO’s, from University students to top Politicians, on the topics of health, fitness, wellness, permanent weight loss, disease prevention, anti-ageing, and holistic lifestyles.

Ralf has taught many bootcamps in Australia and overseas. His military experience and a life long study of different martial arts and fitness systems makes him the real deal in the industry with a fountain of knowledge, limitless ideas and leadership from the front.  He is a master in working you to your maximum limits and brings out the best in you but also makes you feel good about yourself in every session.

RALF BEHNOwner/Head Trainer



“Before I started, I was really afraid and thought it would be really hard but Ralf is really encouraging. Time flies and you have great fun!”

Bob Carr – Former Foreign Minister

“It’s outdoor training, it’s diverse, it’s strength, it’s flexibilty, it’s endurance and I love it! I recommend it whole heartedly to anyone.”


“I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s a bit of a struggle getting up in the morning but after you do it you feel so energetic, so excited! I’ve already started trimming down!”


“Now I’m about 6 kilos lighter and I’ve toned up like I never have before. Ralf is so motivational, it’s nothing like what I’ve experienced ever before with a personal trainer.”


“It’s an awesome workout! We do a lot of different martial arts techniques and hard working out. We get stronger every time, we lose weight and it’s a lot of fun.”anyone”


“The instructor Ralf, is really encouraging, explains things really well and makes it a really fun session. It’s been worth getting up at 5.30am in the morning!”