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Samurai Fitness Children’s Education Workshops

Research shows that school health and well being programs instill significant mental, physical and emotional benefits to children and teenagers. Kids bootcamps, team exercises and group fitness is the Samurai Fitness specialty.

We can coordinate a program to suit your event, location and number of participants.

Samurai Fitness conduct events for:

  • Specialised School Programs, including Bootcamps & Workshops
  • Local Clubs

It is vitally important to teach your kids life embracing and healthy eating habits that will reward them with a lifetime of joy and good health – and have fun along the way!

Kids Bootcamps

Our exciting fun sessions can include but are not limited to: Boxing, Kickboxing, Stick Fighting Drills, Basic Drills with Nunchucks , Jiu-Jitsu, Circuit Training, Strength Training, Pilates, Cardio training and Yoga.

Our comic figure “The Crazy Raw Food Chef” will demonstrate how ridiculously easy and fun healthy eating can be, made with whole fruit and vegetables, and in a matter of minutes!

Nutritional Workshop

Learn all about Nutrition for Children and Adults!
Samurai Fitness offer a fun parenting class/workshop on teaching your children healthy habits and ensure they become healthy eaters for life!

All of these can be a one or two hour keynote presentation, a half day workshop or a one day informative seminar for parents.

Considering the concerning and rapidly raising numbers of overweight, obese and unhealthy children and teenagers, we are extremely passionate about promoting a healthy and active lifestyle to school children of all ages.

We understand the importance and benefits gained from leading a healthy lifestyle and feel that education is the key to make the right choices and decisions in life.

Acknowledging that being overweight or obese is the number one reason for being bullied at schools in Australia and worldwide, we want to teach kids about how they can eat correctly and how to stay away from processed foods whilst keeping active. Delivering cutting edge knowledge through an easy to understand philosophy that is setting our kids up with life embracing healthy habits is the goal.

Benefits and results you can expect by booking the Samurai Fitness Team include:

  • Reducing stress-related issues – included bullying incidences
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • Increased knowledge about leading a healthy and holistic lifestyle
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Improved knowledge about disease prevention
  • Increased health awareness
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Increased health knowledge
  • Increased knowledge about leading a healthy and holistic lifestyle
  • Increased focus and concentration